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EnergyArt.Varash Festival 2020/2021

city festival
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about the project

Festival 1 (2020): This festival was a celebration of music and street art, featuring all-Ukrainian musical groups and street art teams. The festival ran from noon until 10:00 p.m. and included an open-air street art gallery created by artists from Lviv, Rivne, Lutsk, and Varash. The festival was done online.

Festival 2 (2021): The EnergyArtFest was held in Varash and celebrated the Day of the City with a two-day artistic program under the slogan "Art as a panacea". The festival was organized by the NGO "Agency of Sustainable Development of the City".

The event was attended by 15,000 residents and guests of the city and was implemented as part of the partnership program "Culture.Tourism.Regions" of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the State Tourism Development Agency.


  • In both years, an impressive number of 150,000 unique users were reached through the communication channels, showcasing the widespread appeal and popularity of the event.

  • Furthermore, in 2021, the festival drew in 15,000 city residents and guests, who were treated to a program of artistic performances and activities.

  • Additionally, a total of 8 art locations were created, providing visitors with a range of immersive and visually captivating experiences.



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