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start-up, service of conscious cultural support
Co-owner, Marketing manager and Designer
Start-ups Management · Adobe Creativ
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about the project

YoKu supports Ukrainian culture by providing an easy way to donate to cultural creators and foundations, such as festivals, theatres, art galleries, and artists. Build your own cultural investment portfolio and make a difference today.

During House of Europe's "Hack the Culture" hackathon held online on April 24-26, 2020, the idea for YoKu (formerly known as Payscious) was conceived. The project was selected as one of the winners and was granted support by the House of Europe program to develop a prototype. The Charitable Foundation "Your Culture" was registered in November 2020, and in February 2021, YoKu was launched in a test format.


  • Successfully managed content on a multi-creator platform and implemented effective promotional strategies that increased visibility and engagement.

  • Developed compelling presentation materials that effectively communicated the platform's mission, vision, and unique value proposition to diverse audiences.

  • The platform involves more than 60 creators.

  • The outreach reached more than 250,000 people throughout online media vehicles.


project funded by


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