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Street Workshop of the City of Rivne

urban city space + forum + open-air exhibition
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about the project

The "Street Workshop of the City of Rivne" project created a creative hub in a city park for public events and discussions on urban development. They also united the community and shared experience through video lectures, held an urban forum, and created an interactive exhibition. A two-day urban workshop developed new ideas for a park, and a new concept was presented for public discussion. The project aimed to promote community involvement in the development of Rivne and encourage the creation of similar hubs.


  • The project included several events such as forums, workshops, and lectures, which were mostly held online due to quarantine restrictions.

  • The project's long-term goal was to establish a creative hub called "Street Workshop of the City of Rivne," which would host at least 100 public events per year and serve as an example for other areas of the city

  • The project also aimed to create partnerships between local activists, government officials, and architects, as well as to promote urbanism and modernization ideas.

  • The project achieved most of its planned qualitative and quantitative targets, and the park renovation concept was developed.



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