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Zlata Plaza Shopping Mall

marketing during war
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Crisis Communications · Marketing Strategy
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about the project

The shopping and entertainment centre "ZLATA PLAZA" is one of the largest shopping malls in the region of western Ukraine. 50,000 people visit the mall daily.

3 days before the full-scale invasion of Russia on the territory of Ukraine in February 2022, I started working in the marketing department of one of the largest shopping centres in the region.

Other countries, fortunately, do not have manuals and instructions on how to communicate and "sell" something to customers when your country is at war. We had to react quickly, the marketing team was reduced from five to two people (me and the designer) because the women went abroad, but the business had to work and support the economy of the country and other people, so we completely changed the marketing strategy, developed a unique tone of voice and became examples of communications for other Ukrainian brands. I believe that stabilizing the work of the marketing department during a full-scale war is my greatest achievement, which was only possible with previous experience and training. Even when you're working from a bomb shelter and writing assignments for a target during an air raid.


  • One of the most effective communications during the war among shopping malls in Ukraine;

  • Introduced new methods of promotion, including influencer marketing, cooperation with specialized mass media, and a TikTok account.

  • Changed the content structure and successfully implemented cooperation with cultural institutions/artists;

  • Created a strategy for business social responsibility;

  • 12 million unique users in social networks (Facebook, Instagram) were reached organically during the period of work;

  • Growth of subscribers in social networks by 30%;

  • 200 000 likes on TikTok received;

  • First cooperation of shopping mall and museum was implemented.

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